Frimpong Capital Investments S.L. is a private assets investment agency for the Forex Market. The company was born as an idea of our founder, Enock F. Junior, who detected an interest in investing in this market but also quite a lack of understanding it. Therefore, he decided to establish Frimpong Capital Investments S.L. with the aim of advising and assisting individuals interested in Forex trading.

The Forex Market is a worldwide marketplace of all existing currencies, daily open 24 hrs. 5 days a week. It is the biggest and most liquid market of the world, with its average volume of transactions reaching 6.6 billion USD per day in April 2019 (according to the Bank of International Settlements – BIS). This great number of trading operations is performed precisely to obtain a profit, making the Forex Market very attractive to investors by providing them with increased opportunities to maximize their benefits.

This ground information is used by other companies and traders to present investors with an attractive scenario, but they don´t tell the realities of the market. This is a trading place influenced by many factors on top of variations in commercial flows and movements of volatile currency prices, turning it into an attractive market but also increasing the investment risk.

To obtain profits in the Forex market is hard, and many people lose their money. But we in Frimpong Capital Investments S.L. have the proper tools. And we know the market by studying it and our experience in it. It turns our company into a sure bet in order to earn money. We analyse the market, we create strategies and perform a daily monitoring in order to make the investment profitable. We are the only company entirely dedicated to the Forex market registered in Spain. Currently, we assess customers with total assets valued over 100 million Euro.

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Our team is formed by professionals of solid experience and work ethic:

Enock Frimpong Junior (Founder & CEO)

Enock f. Junior is founding partner and chief executive of Frimpong Capital Investments S.L. He was and still is a professional footballer in first level teams as well as entrepreneur with an own clothing brand among other businesses. He has got a long-time experience as trader with positive results in the Forex market, becoming one of the best minds in Europe to operate in it and being known as “Jay Pro Fx”. He has taught courses on the Forex market and has assessed different customers on a private level. Based on these successes and the exponential growth of the business, in 2020 he decided to establish Frimpong Capital Investment S.L. He is in charge of the customer assessment in Forex operations.

Martín Ruíz (Company Secretary and Vice Chair)

Martin Ruiz is partner of Frimpong Capital Investments S,L. as well as businessman and owner of a multinational company based in Spain. He has a vast experience in business management as well as currency exchange markets. He is in charge of the administrative management of the company.

Juan Carlos Rodríguez dos Santos (Director of Communications)

Juan Carlos Rodríguez is the Director of Communications of Frimpong Capital Investments S.L. with experience as sports consultant and in trade and marketing departments. He handles the social media and corporate communications.