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Frimpong Capital Investments S.L. is a private assets investment agency for the Forex Market.

Objective to advise and help people interested in the currency market.



Our company offers its customers several services:

Private meetings

In Frimpong Capital Investments S.L., we understand the meaning of money and take care of your investment as if it were ours.

Training courses

We also offer private training courses, in which we teach the Forex market on beginner as well as expert level, so that each student can learn to operate and capitalize it on its own.

Management of Trade account

Our team will assess you in any kind of investment in the Forex market.We will also guide you in the management of your Forex trade account and help you to increase you opening balance.

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Frimpong Capital Investments S.L. is a private assets investment agency for the Forex Market:

The company was born as an idea of our founder, Enock F. Junior, who detected an interest in investing in this market but also quite a lack of understanding it. Therefore, he decided to establish Frimpong Capital Investments S.L. with the aim of advising and assisting individuals interested in Forex trading.

The Forex Market is a worldwide marketplace of all existing currencies, daily open 24 hrs. 5
days a week.


Our investments are part of a studied and analysed strategy designed to maximize the value of your capital. Our methodology follows several criteria:

Mejores programas y herramientas

Realizamos todas nuestras operaciones con los mejores programas y herramientas existentes en el mercado acompañados por la experiencia y profesionalidad de nuestro equipo. El mercado Forex está abierto las 24 horas del día gracias a las diferentes sesiones, en Frimpong Capital Investments nos especializamos en la sesión asiática y de Sídney

Sistema único, análisis con resultado positivo

Gracias a nuestra dilatada experiencia hemos creado un sistema único con un método de operar basado en la eficiencia y minimizando el riesgo del balance. Todas nuestras operaciones se abren por un motivo y tras un profundo análisis con resultado positivo.

Adaptamos a los cambios y volatilidad del mercado

Nos adaptamos a los cambios y volatilidad del mercado según lo que nos ofrezca, por eso utilizamos distintos métodos como scalping (operaciones muy rápidas) o método swing (aprovechamos las tendencias de corta duración para sacar beneficios) según el balance de su inversión.


Nuestra metodología de trading está basada en el “Day Trading” e “Intradía”, todas nuestras operaciones se abren y cierran el mismo día.

The best programmes and tools

In order to undertake all our operations, we have the best programmes and tools currently existing in the market at our disposition, as well as the experience and professionalism of our team. The Forex market is open 24 hrs. a day by means of different sessions. We in Frimpong Capital Investments S.L have specialized in the Asian and Sidney sessions.

Unique system, analysis with a positive result

Built on our wide experience, we have created a un unique system with an operating method based on efficiency and a balance-risk minimisation. All our forex operations are opened after a deep analysis with a positive result.

Jay Pro Fx

Above all we have with us one of the best Traders in the world 'Jay Pro Fx'. That makes us one of the best in the forex world.


Our trading methodology is based on the “Day” as well as “Intraday” trading. All our operations are opened and closed the same day.

we adapt our operative to what the changes and the volatility of the market

According to the balance of your investment, we adapt our operative to what the changes and the volatility of the market may offer, and for this reason we use methods like the Scalping ( for very fast operations) or the Swing method (to capitalize short termed tendencies in order to extract a benefit).

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